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Not all features listed here are included on every Citroën model; please refer to our model showrooms to discover the technology features on specific models.

Intelligent Traction Control


Intelligent Traction Control helps you keep control of your car when driving in difficult conditions, such as snow.

Intelligent Traction Control provides grip when driving over slippery surfaces such as snow, black ice or rain, to keep your car moving. It also manages the traction control system (ASR) using a control unit that analyses a wide range of parameters and adjusts slippage of the left and right wheels individually.

The advantages of Intelligent Traction Control are optimised when snow tyres are fitted.

Head-Up display


Citroën’s Head-Up display allows you to have all essential driver information displayed in your field of vision.

On board Citroën DS5, technology goes hand in hand with comfort and safety. The colour head-up display, a particularly innovative feature, projects essential driving information onto a panel in the driver’s direct line of vision, adding to the sense of serene, innovative control.


Lane departure warning system

1800x681_citroen-securite-afilThe lane departure warning system is a driver aid that combats drowsiness or momentary inattention when at the wheel. This innovative system significantly improves road safety.

This technology collects data using infrared sensors facing the road surface to warn the driver when the vehicle crosses solid or dotted white lines.

The system’s ECU raises an alert when the vehicle crosses a white line, without first switching on the indicator lights. The driver is warned by a beep and/or vibrations in the side of the driver’s seat corresponding to the direction of drift.
The system does not take any further action and the driver remains in complete control of the vehicle.

Video lane departure warning system


Increased safety by combating drowsiness at the wheel.

The second-generation Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) which comes with Citroën DS5 and the New Citroën C4 Picasso combats drowsiness at the wheel by warning the driver if involuntary lane departure is detected when the vehicle is traveling at speeds in excess of 50mph.The driver’s seat on Citroën DS5, or safety belt on the New C4 Picasso will vibrate when the vehicle accidentally crosses an unbroken white line, with the indicator off. The function relies on an invisible miniature camera which is positioned near the door mirror as well as a line recognition system based on digital imaging.

Xenon dual-function directional headlamps


Increase visibility when driving round corners at night.

Electronically controlled Xenon Dual-Function Directional headlights follow the steering angle so that the driver can see the road ahead and notice other road users and possible obstacles before driving round a corner. Xenon lights provide twice as much light as halogen lights and so provide a clearer field of vision at night or in poor weather conditions. By improving visibility this system considerably improves safety.


Automatic headlights


The automatic headlights come on automatically.

The headlights go on and off automatically, in line with the lighting and traffic conditions, for a more relaxing drive at night.




Tyre pressure monitor


The tyre pressure monitor system continuously monitors all four tyres and informs the driver if the pressure of any of them is too low.

The system measures the pressure of each of the four wheels using sensors located on each tyre, and transmits the information to the central control unit.
If one of the tyres drops below its pre-set pressure level, a message flashes up on the multifunction screen, and a warning beep sounds.
The system detects any under-inflation that could have an adverse impact on the stability of the vehicle and the safety of the driver or passengers.
In addition to improving safety, this function also encourages the driver to check tyres regularly.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)


ESP is a system which helps you keep control of your vehicle when driving in difficult conditions.

If your vehicle loses grip, ESP keeps you on course by acting on brakeforce distribution and engine speed.The ESP’s control unit constantly compares where the driver intends on going (through the position of the steering wheel) with where the vehicle is actually going and, if necessary, makes speed corrections to each wheel individually through braking or engine torque to keep the vehicle ‘in line’.

Active cruise control


When in use, active cruise control uses a radar sensor in the front bumper to sense and warn the driver if the vehicle in front slows down.

It then maintains a constant distance by acting on the accelerator and engine brake, within a limit of around 30mph. When the road ahead is clear, the vehicle automatically returns to the speed set by the driver. This system improves day-to-day comfort and safety.


EMP2 modular platform


Citroën’s new global modular platform, EMP2, employs the latest technology and high-end materials to deliver the next generation of Citroën vehicles, starting with the New C4 Picasso.

Enhanced modularity and a new architecture create possibilities for a diverse range of more compact, attractive and streamlined body styles including a low mounted engine and bonnet line, whilst interior space is improved by a longer wheelbase.Safety levels are improved, along with more dynamic handling, improved comfort levels and lower emissions, helped in part by weight savings of around 70kg. What’s more, the new suspension design is optimised for use in conjunction with modern styling touches like larger alloy wheels, so great looks don’t come at the expense of compromised ride comfort.

Active safety belts


Active seatbelts, available on the New Citroën C4 Picasso, vibrate when the vehicle senses that you’ve accidently crossed the white lines as well as for ESC and cruise control alerts.

Additionally, if a collision is anticipated, they pre-tension, in order to get the driver’s attention and inform them of the anticipated danger.