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Not all features listed here are included on every Citroën model; please refer to our model showrooms to discover the technology features on specific models.

Hydractive III+ suspension

1800x681_citroen-confort-suspension-hydractive-3-plus An outstanding Citroën invention built on the company’s renowned hydropneumatic sphereplatform, Hydractive III+ suspension offers ultimate driver control and passenger comfort. To begin with, the car maintains a constant ride height at all times regardless of load which ensures excellent driver control. In addition, electronic sensors read the road and driving style hundreds of times a second and adapt the hydraulic damping accordingly, maintaining perfect poise.The driver is also able to select two different suspension modes designed for varying degrees of comfort or sporty driving.

Pneumatic suspension

1800x681_citroen-confort-suspension-pneumatique The pneumatic suspension on the back axle gives you a smoother ride by filtering out any bumps in the road surface. The pneumatic suspension system gives you a safe and comfortable journey, every time. The system includes an ECU, an air supply unit, two height sensors and two pneumatic cushions. The height sensors measure your car’s height – and when they spot a change in this, they tell the ECU, which then sends a message to the compressor to correct the distance and return your vehicle to its correct height. It also adjusts the sill height when you’re stopped to make your car easier to load, no matter how much weight you have on board.

Laminated windows

1800x681_citroen-confort-vitrage-feuillete The laminated windows are made up of two glass sheets separated by a plastic insert that provides outstanding soundproofing. The laminated windows absorb acoustic vibrations and help to filter out wind noise and other outside sounds for a quiet, peaceful drive. They also offer protection against dangers from outside the car. Unlike conventional windows, they absorb the energy that’s released when there’s an accident and crack without shattering.


Panoramic windscreen

1800x681_citroen-confort-pare-brise-panoramique Citroën’s panoramic windscreen helps to make your drive more comfortable and provides exceptional visibility from all angles. The panoramic windscreen creates an exceptionally wide field of peripheral vision (more than 80° vertically) to create an impression of high-definition vision and total immersion for the occupants. As well as providing greater visibility for all passengers, the panoramic windscreen lets the light flood in, enhancing the impression of space in the cabin.

Scented air freshener

1800x681_citroen-confort-parfumeur-ambiance The scented air freshener provides a relaxed onboard ambience, suited to your personal preference. Styled to match the design of the dashboard, the scented air freshener diffuses a pleasant, subtle fragrance around the cabin. It is controlled by a knob, allowing the driver to adjust the intensity of the fragrance or to switch the system off. Choose the fragrances to suit you from the wide range on offer.


7 inch Touch Drive interface

1800x681_citroen-confort-tablette-tactile 100% digital, 100% touch-sensitive and 100% intuitive. The 7 inch Touch Drive interface, available on the New Citroën C4 Picasso, controls all cabin functions with its direct-access touch-sensitive screen: dual-zone air conditioning, audio and media system, hands-free phone, driving aids; all the controls are within easy reach!



12 inch Panoramic screen

EcranPano The spectacular 12 inch High Definition Panoramic screen, available on the New Citroën C4 Picasso, displays essential driving information in an easy-to-configure layout. You can display navigation data or driving aids in high definition, in line with your needs and requirements. Three graphic layouts are available, Cubic, Elliptic and Graphic. Or, you can personalise the screen by uploading a photo to use as a wallpaper from a USB drive.


Front passenger Relax

1800x681_citroen-confort-siege-passager-avant-relaxmin The front passenger Relax seat helps to keep your passenger comfortable on the road. The “Relax” seat provided for the front passenger in the New Citroën C4 Picasso is a massage power seat with an original feature; an electric calf rest to stretch your legs out in comfort.