Extended Warranty

Protect yourself against incidents and breakdowns for a fixed cost. The Citroën extended warranty includes parts and labour for mechanical, electrical or electronic faults for an additional one or two year period.

Extending Your Warranty

For continued peace of mind, you can extend the warranty on your Citroën beyond the end of the standard 3 year / 100,000km warranty with a one or two year extended warranty, providing your Citroën is less than 3 years old and has covered less than 100,000km.

Citroën Extended Warranty offers extensive component coverage repairs can be carried out at an authorised Citroën Service Centre.

Another great thing about a Citroën Extended Warranty is that it’s fully transferrable if you decide to sell your car: a great incentive for potential buyers.


Extended Km Warranty

An extended kilometer warranty up to 200,000kms or 4 years is available. Please contact your Citroën dealer for more details.

*Kms covered remains at 100,000km. Can only be purchased within 35 months of the vehicle’s first registration.


Extended Roadside Assist

Your Citroën comes with a 3 year roadside assist program, in line with the standard new car warranty. Should you elect to extend your warranty for an additional one or two year period, you may also choose to extend your Citroën Roadside Assist to provide maximum support for you and your car.

Each additional year of roadside assist is available .