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Not all features listed here are included on every Citroën model; please refer to our model showrooms to discover the technology features on specific models.

Petrol engine downsizing


A solution that cuts fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without compromising performance.

Downsizing consists of reducing an engine’s cubic capacity, while increasing its specific power, in order to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

This technology is based on direct injection and turbocharging. Direct injection boosts engine efficiency by injecting a precise and consistent air-fuel mix into the combustion chamber, while turbochargers deliver a straighter power curve, without any lapses in acceleration.

For example, the THP 155 mounted in the DS3 is a remarkable example of this technology. It delivers top-drawer performance, with limited fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. A real pleasure to drive, and environmentally-friendly too.

Particulate filter (DPF)


The filter element eliminates the polluting particles from the exhaust fumes.

The porous silicon carbide elements in the DPF trap the polluting particles contained in the exhaust fumes and periodically eliminate them by burning. The filter regeneration system is controlled by an ECU, which also self-diagnoses the system.

The DPF supplements the environmental benefits of HDi technology. Emissions from vehicles fitted with an HDi diesel engine and a particulate filter are close to zero.