Cactus M

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Cactus M

The CACTUS M concept is a modern take on the values that led to the development of the Méhari. . At ease on all types of terrain and in all situations, the CACTUS M concept inspires a sense of well-being, freedom and escape.

Further developing the approach suggested by the CITROËN C4 Cactus, the CACTUS M has ‘go-anywhere’ looks, clearly stating its family ties with the CITROËN Aircross concept presented in Shanghai last April. This design brings to mind the renowned Méhari, a vehicle with the same ‘go-anywhere’ mindset.

The CITROËN CACTUS M has two long doors, further underlining the impression of compact lines. The design of these one-piece parts in moulded plastic makes them particularly easy to use while also reducing overall vehicle weight.

For full and uncompromising use, the cabin can be hosed out thanks to the drainage outlets integrated in the foot wells. Inspired by the world of surfing, the seats are designed to resemble wetsuits, and are upholstered in a brightly coloured neoprene fabric for comfort and waterproofing.

The CITROËN CACTUS M is also a modular vehicle, with a roof extension that enables passengers to store all their equipment (wakeboard, windsurf board, etc.). Everything is designed for comfort and peace of mind.

The CACTUS M can be turned into a bivouac for two people, making it possible to extend the outdoor experience. By means of an ingenious tilting mechanism, the rear seat becomes an extension of the boot, which opens downwards to create a couchette for two people.