March 23, 2015

“CITROËN MAKING OF” exhibition at C_42

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For the new season at C_42 on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, CITROËN is immersing visitors in the world of automotive design. From the first stroke of the pencil through to the production line, via research and development, the exhibition “CITROËN Making of” reveals the secrets of each stage in the development of a production vehicle. Visitors to C_42, can step behind the wings at CITROËN and enjoy a preview of the new C4 range.

For the new season at C_42 on the Champs Elysées, CITROËN is revealing the secrets behind the production of brand models. Visitors will be able to see how the men and women of CITROËN design, develop and build brand vehicles. The “CITROËN Making Of” exhibition comprises three key components:  research and development, design workshops and the production plant.

The tour of discovery takes in all the floors of the building. The first item, demonstrating the innovative qualities of CITROËN vehicles, is a C4 Picasso platform without any body or trim parts. The aim is to show what people never usually see. Another exhibit shows the on-board technology featured by the New C4 range, presented for the first time in France.

Visitors are then encouraged to step into the world of design and creation, strongly rooted in the brand’s DNA, through two mock-ups used in the decision-making phases for new vehicle projects. The exterior mock-up is made of clay, enabling designers to fine-tune the body lines. The interior mock-up shows the volumes of the passenger compartment. These working tools are on show to the general public for the first time. Last, the area dedicated to vehicle production shows the different stages in vehicle production and assembly.

From the last floor, visitors will be able to reach the “CITROËN Racing” area via “Twist Inside Citroën”. A giant slide that takes visitors 23 metres down in just 15 seconds. Definitely the fastest way to get from the top floor to the basement of C_42. Thrills guaranteed!