March 11, 2016

Citroën E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges concept car !

At the Geneva Motor Show, Citroën will be showing off E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges concept car, fruit of cooperation between two figureheads of French creativity.

Some 50 years after Méhari appeared on the scene in May 1968, two visionary french Brands teamed up on an exciting project: Citroën E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges concept car. It’s based on Citroën E-MEHARI, unveiled in December 2015, a car inspired by its no less revolutionary forebear. Citroën E-MEHARI is an all-electric four-seater cabriolet. It’s fun, modern, environment-friendly, and eminently true to the values of creativity, freedom and optimism that Citroën has been advancing since nearly a century ago.


With this project, both partners are expressing a desire to invent new designs, using materials of tomorrow to come up with works that combine outstanding beauty with practical usability. It’s a quest for modernity, for a radical departure from classic norms, but firmly rooted in real life as it is lived, with a touch of sportslike elation and a strong sense of poetry. The partnership would yield a concept car abounding in energy, bathed in light, open to the world outside, and powered by an innovative lithium metal polymer battery. The result is Citroën E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges concept car, with its play of colours and materials focused on the colour White, true to both Méhari spirit and the inimitable Courrèges style.


Citroën E-MEHARI styled by Courrèges concept car stands for joie de vivre. Beauty is ably backed by usability to open up a whole new alternative angle on motoring pleasure, rooted in one of the essential values shared by the Brand Citroën and Courrèges: optimism !