Une qualité digne de confiance pour les professionnels : plus de 4 millions de km parcourus en test par la base technique. Une reconception de nombreux éléments tels que la baie de pare-brise ou les charnières et ouvrants.





The new CITROËN Jumper boasts the top-level quality professionals expect, having been test driven over a distance of more than four million kilometres by specialised engineers.


The new model was put through specific tests including:

– 30,000 km on poorly-surfaced roads, empty and fully loaded, to test the body structure, comfort and durability,

– 1,000 fording operations in 10 cm of water, to verify sealing, along with tests carried out in several centimetres of water in a tunnel projecting saltwater to validate corrosion resistance,

– over 500 test cycles on low-grip tracks, to verify roadholding,

– 500,000 door-closing tests, representing the most intensive use over a 10-year period.



New Citroën Jumper benefits from the best in Citroën know-how in design, ergonomics (connectivity and comfort), safety and economy.


This new version offers unfailing robustness and reliability, bringing you peace of mind in your everyday working life on the road.


Because New Jumper is a tireless business partner, Citroën has gone one step further still in quality, offering more design, more comfort

and more useful technology, all for a moderate budget.


New Citroën Jumper is available in a wide range of van versions, with a choice of four lengths (L1, L2, L3, L4) on three wheelbases (3 m, 3.45 m, 4.04 m) and three heights (H1, H2, H3). This makes for a total of eight van formats, with volumes from 8 to 17 cubic metres.